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Renovation of Piano Factory Gets Cutting Edge Finish


The renovation of an old piano factory in London has been given a cutting-edge look thanks to Yorkshire’s leading laser cutting and engraving company, Cutting Technologies.

The factory in Camden has been converted into 15 residential apartments with the whole interior of the building being remodelled and the exterior repaired.

The project was led by London based Ambigram Architects – a leading architectural practice which focusses on outstanding design and modern innovation.

Having been commissioned by Ambigram Architects, Cutting Technologies laser cut several balustrades which transform the building’s main communal staircase.

Using 3mm mild steel, the staircase design follows that of floating treads cantilevering from the wall with the aim of the balustrades being to create something eye catching whilst adhering to building regulations.

Using advanced digital design techniques, a gradient pattern of perforations across the balustrades was created – following the saw-tooth profile of the floating tread of the staircase without ever touching them.

Andries Kruger, director at Ambigram Architects said: “Our client wanted a beautiful bespoke staircase and so laser cutting was the obvious choice for this project – it allowed us to create a unique design as well as control over the accuracy of the cutting.

“Cut Tec was very easy to work with at all stages of the project and the speed of turnaround from order to delivery was very fast. We were very pleased with the product in terms of quality and expedient services received from Cut Tec.”

Jane Robinson, director and co-founder of Cutting Technologies added: “It’s always rewarding to see the final results of our work and these balustrades prove why laser cutting has always been great for creating something which is both practical and beautiful.”

Website: https://www.cut-tec.co.uk/

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