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Polypipe Terrain develops new technology…


Polypipe Terrain develops new technology revolutionising tall building rainwater attenuation

Accommodating for the UK’s ever growing urban population, Polypipe Terrain has designed the patented ‘Terrain Flow Control Outlet’ that it says will assist with the growing demand for roof and podium level rainwater attenuation.

Managing rainwater run-off is integral to successful Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS). The ‘Terrain Flow Control Outlet’, when used with Polypipe’s Permavoid system, removes the need for large conventional attenuation systems. Normally installed below ground or in underground car parks and basements, the product intercepts and controls the flow of rainwater at the source. This is particularly useful in urban environments, where space for rainwater storage tanks can be impractical or impossible to install.

Polypipe Terrain Flow Control Outlet – Closed

With city centre rental space at a premium, traditional water storage systems use up commercial and social amenity space. The Permavoid system allows rainwater to be stored and attenuated at roof and podium level. The ‘Terrain Flow Control Outlet’ then allows the rainwater to be released at a controlled rate and conveyed using Terrain PVC or Terrain FUZE HDPE drainage systems. With these systems working together, sellable space can be created making the building more profitable, whilst complying with permissible rainwater run off rates.

The flow control plate incorporates a 50mm moulded socket, in which a 50mm section of pipe can be fitted, acting as a vent for downpipes and an overflow, and gives flexibility during both the design and post installation amendments.

Polypipe Terrain Flow Control Outlet – Opened

Daniel Oliver, product manager at Polypipe Terrain, said: “With the number of high rise buildings in city centres increasing, we’re always looking at ways drainage can be improved. Our complete Rainwater Interception system offers not only designers and installers standard and water discharge compliance but also allows for less compromise in the design process of the building. It opens up an array of opportunities such as blue/green roofs and added commercial space – where that space is at a premium.”