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Fire Protection & Prevention

Plumis Automist provides neat solution for open plan property


When an architect informed the owner of a 5 bedroom, detached, new build property with an innovative, open plan design in Port Erin, Isle of Man that she would need to install a sprinkler system to provide fire protection for her open plan living room and staircase area she was not satisfied with the design or the price quoted. Furthermore, she was concerned about water damage to her valuable fixtures and fittings should there be a false activation.

Mrs Du Toit had heard about a device manufactured by Plumis from Building Inspectors who were as keen as she was to avoid spoiling the design of the house. Plumis produce a novel solution in domestic active fire protection called Automist, which is an active fire protection system that combines low cost and ease of retrofit with excellent aesthetics. Intended as a more affordable alternative to sprinklers, Automist uses a high pressure pump to generate a fine water mist from nozzles mounted on the wall or under a standard tap and provides residential fire life protection. The device has been extensively tested by BRE and is used in a wide range of open plan layouts, bringing active fire protection to properties where previously it was awkward, impractical or not cost effective. Automist is also LABC Registered, allowing rapid approval in loft converted houses in England and Wales.

Plumis2Eurotec Safety Services, a Belfast company with over 10 years experience in fire safety were called in to install Automist, which they have been installing for a year. They are pleased to offer a life saving system that’s competitive and promotes peace of mind.

Mrs Du Toit was particularly pleased with the unobtrusiveness of the system and the fact that it leaves the homeowner in complete control.

“Automist solved a big headache for us so I was really pleased to learn about it. It is a brilliant system and I would recommend it to anyone who is reluctant to mar a well-designed property with unattractive sprinklers.”

For further information on this project or the Plumis Automist range of water-mist suppression solutions call Plumis on +44 (0) 20 7871 3899, visit www.plumis.co.uk or email info@plumis.co.uk


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