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Polypipe tops the class in new College development


A new centre for Environmental Technologies, at East Kent College, has benefitted from a bespoke geocellular drainage solution from Polypipe, the UK’s leading manufacturer of plastic sustainable drainage and water management products.

Working closely with groundworker Stevens Construction from an early stage, Polypipe created a geocellular soakaway structure underneath a car park of the College’s new building.

Polypipe’s new Polystorm Access and Inspect products were used in conjunction with Polystorm-R modular cells to create a 96m3 structure. The soakaway tank will be used to retain surface water collected from the new study centre and disperse it at an even rate into the surrounding soil.

Launched this year, Polystorm Access and Polystorm Inspect products feature tunnels specifically designed to allow access to be built into a Polystorm geocellular structure, for remote camera inspection and maintenance activities when required. Both products were used in conjunction with each other to provide horizontal and vertical access simultaneously. They also use the same shear connectors and clips as the existing Polystorm range and are designed to work as part of a complete system.

Martin Rowland, Commercial Manager at Stevens Construction, said:

“Morgan Sindall’s customer required the tank to be inspectable, which made the Polystorm system that included the new Access and Inspect products a suitable choice.

“Using a Polystorm system proved to be a good decision for the project, as not only did the products meet the requirements of the College – but the light weight nature of Polypipe’s plastic products meant that the site’s lack of vehicle access was negated, as the Polystorm cells could be handballed to site without any issue.”

Emma Nicholls, Marketing Communications Manager at Polypipe, said:

“Polystorm Access and Polystorm Inspect were designed for projects exactly like this, when inspection requirements are as important as performance. We’re delighted that Morgan Sindall and Stevens Construction saw a real benefit in our products and trust that the easy inspection of the structure will make Polystorm a popular choice for future projects.”

The project is due for completion at the end of Summer 2013.

For more information on Polypipe’s range of water management solutions please visit https://www.polypipe.com/wms/products/