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Top marks for ventilation for Britplas windows


Tests undertaken on a new ventilating window have shown that the window allows for natural ventilation and improved air quality and omits the need for mechanical plant for ventilation and cooling in classrooms.

Called Rapidvent, the window has been launched by leading UK design and manufacturing company, Britplas, who are best known for their specialist healthcare windows. The window’s design includes a super-tough stainless steel perforated mesh which allows for the flow of fresh air.

The windows are now in place at Bradshaw Community Primary School in Warrington, Cheshire.
The school has 171 pupils and was built in 1966. The single glazed windows and fascias, particularly those on the west side of the building which is in full sun for most of the school day and which face the prevailing wind, were in a poor state of repair.

Parents and local residents had commented on the school building’s untidy appearance and the school’s headmaster, Mr Chris Short, was understandably keen to improve the appearance of the school building whilst enhancing the school building’s fabric.

Britplas2Apart from the school’s overall unsightly appearance there were a number of other issues with the original windows:

  • Some windows and doors would swell during warm weather resulting in them being difficult to open and on a number of occasions they had become jammed shut
  • There were a number of windows that were rotting
  • During PE lessons there was a risk of balls passing through open windows into classrooms adjacent to the school’s main play area and netball posts
  • There was a danger of balls passing through the closed, single glazed windows with the obvious risk of broken glass
  • Safety and security issue of pupils trying to climb in through open windows

Having been invited to the school to assess their requirements, Britplas recommended their Rapidvent windows which have undergone rigorous testing to evaluate their performance in a school environment.

Britplas3Commenting on the installation, Chris Short said, “We are delighted with the new windows and these are already bringing many benefits to the school, not only aesthetically but there are some real educational benefits.

“We have all commented on the improved ventilation in the classrooms – on a warm day you can just open the windows fully and the breeze coming in is noticeable. We all know that pupils, and teachers, find it difficult to work and concentrate in hot rooms and the Rapidvents help us to mitigate uncomfortable classrooms.

“What’s more, teachers and pupils don’t have to worry about anything other than a breeze coming in. Prior to the Rapidvent windows being fitted there was always a worry that a ball may come flying through one of the windows.

“One of the benefits that we hadn’t thought of is that insects, which are a major distraction in a classroom setting, and sometimes a danger, can’t get in.”

Test results of a technical performance study undertaken by global design, engineering and management consultancy, WSP, were overwhelmingly positive and showed that compared with standard or restricted top hung windows the Rapidvent will deliver:

• A 10°C reduction in peak and average internal temperature
• Ten times the natural ventilation rate
• 50 per cent lower carbon dioxide concentration.
• Mechanical plant saving up to £5,300 per classroom
• Energy saving up to £120 per classroom, per year
• All requirements of BB101 achieved passively.

For more information contact 01925 824317, sales@britplas.com or visit www.britplas.com.