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Power Your Design: Fronius Expands GEN24 Solar Inverter Range to 10kW for Bigger Residential Dreams


In the quest for sustainable and self-sufficient homes, lies the responsibility to strive for energy solutions that not only meet the present needs but also anticipate the future. Recognising this growing demand for reliable, cutting-edge technology to elevate sustainable residential projects, Fronius has expanded its lineup of GEN24 single-phase solar inverters, now scaling up to 10 kW to cater for larger residential systems.

These advanced inverters are the epitome of versatility and reliability. Available as both hybrid inverters for immediate battery integration or as upgradeable inverters for future storage capabilities, Fronius offers homeowners the flexibility to evolve their energy systems in tandem with their changing needs.

Tailored Energy Solutions for Modern Homes

The inclusion of an integrated basic backup power function, the PV Point, in the Fronius GEN24 ensures that, even in the event of a power outage, essential devices and small circuits up to 3 kW can remain operational through a dedicated, protected outlet, during daylight hours. This feature offers a layer of energy security without the need of additional components.

Moreover, the GEN24 Plus hybrid variant elevates this proposition by enabling full back-up power from stored energy, ensuring homes remain lit and functional even during extended power disruptions.

Award-winning efficiency

Fronius’ commitment to efficiency and excellence has once again been recognised at the Energy Storage Inspection 2024, where it clinched top rankings for the fifth consecutive year. Conducted by the Berlin University of Applied Sciences, this inspection is Europe’s leading evaluation of PV storage systems’ efficiency.

The pairing of the Fronius GEN24 Plus and BYD Battery-Box Premium stood out for its outstanding performance, underscoring Fronius’ leadership in delivering efficient energy solutions. This recognition serves as a reliable guide in selecting the most efficient PV systems for projects. You can find out more about this award here.

European Quality and Local Support

Specifying Fronius inverters comes with the assurance of integrating a system of European quality that is backed by excellent local UK support and offers peace of mind with up to a decade-long warranty.

Choosing Fronius means investing in a future where solar energy is not just an addition to the home but an integral part of its very foundation. Architects now have the unique opportunity to pave the way for a more sustainable, self-reliant, and resilient future in residential design.

Fronius’ expanded range of GEN24 single-phase inverters is a game-changer for those aiming to craft homes that are not just spaces for living but bastions of sustainability and energy independence. As we venture into an era where green energy is paramount, aligning with pioneers like Fronius ensures your projects not only meet the present-day expectations but are future-proof, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable world.

To find out more, including the full range from Fronius which includes solutions for EV charging and heating water as well as commercial installations – plus its free monitoring platform, solar.web visit: https://www.fronius.com/en-gb/uk/solar-energy