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The ProFloor brand family started out with the simple objective of making hardwood floor fitting easier, quicker and free of the traditionally-associated hazardous products.

Now well established and leading the marketplace with a complete system of innovative and carefully-developed products, ProFloor transforms the whole experience of fitting hardwood & vinyl flooring, making it safer, greener and many times more efficient..

The ProFloor system eliminates the deeply-hazardous elements within conventional flooring products, focussing on non-hazardous products wherever possible.

ProFloor brands

Now developed into 3 key brands, covering hard wood flooring, sub floor preparation & laying vinyl flooring, the emphasis as ever is on speed, quality and minimising hazardous elements.

These are:

ProflexUltra – Ultra High Performance Wood Flooring Adhesive With Fast Curing and Very High Strength. EC1 Plus product labelling, ultimate low-hazard product.

FloorPrep – Technically advanced floor preparation products to compliment the Ultra Adhesive and incorporating the unique Fastrack DPM, simply the best and fastest high performance dpm around

VinyLay – Innovative spray applied products for fast laying of vinyl floors.


Focus on Proflex Ultra

As the price of MS Polymer adhesives has come down in recent years, it is fair to say that many producers have added cheap fillers to increase the weight of the product and bring the kilo price down and down.

At Profloor; we did the opposite! After a long period of development and testing we announced the launch of Proflex Ultra, formulated from the highest quality raw materials and avoiding cheap fillers, we believe the utterly flawless performance, fast setting times, super-high final strength and good working time have proved that Proflex Ultra is the best. Combine this with high stability, and the easiest spreadability around and you can see why our customers are so fiercly loyal to the brand.  Put simply, once you have used Proflex Ultra, there is no going back to cheaper, inferior products

What about the burning question of underfloor heating?

It is indeed a burning question with some serious concerns around the long-term suitability of filled MS Products when used in conjunction with underfloor heating.  We are delighted to announce that Proflex Ultra has passed the new European heat aging test which aims to replicate two years of use with underfloor heating and is thus recommended with no special restrictions attached. This test is very onerous and many adhesives do not achieve a pass.

Focus on FloorPrep Fastrack DPM

A unique development

Water Based and non-hazardous

Single coat

Colour change to show when dry

Often dry in half an hour

Works as a system with Proflex Ultra

See technical data sheet for full details






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