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As a natural material, wood will react to its environment. In the past, this has prevented architects from using wooden flooring in wet room areas and damper spaces. Osmo UK provides a solution with its Wood Protector finish.

Osmo’s Wood Protector can be quickly and easily applied as a coating to wooden surfaces. Based on natural oils and waxes, Wood Protector complements the properties of the wood, allowing it to retain its breathability and elasticity whilst making the flooring resistant to water. It will also prevent the wood from becoming dry and brittle. Osmo’s Wood Protector enables the wood to adjust and respond naturally to the room’s moisture content, and will reduce the effects of shrinkage or swelling.

Unlike many other protection products, Osmo’s Wood Protector is safe for interior use as it contains no organic biocides. Once dried, a suitable finish can then be applied to create the chosen appearance.

For additional information, please call Osmo on 01296 481220 or visit www.osmouk.com.


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