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Safety & Security



SmartPly SiteProtect was utilised as hoarding to protect the public from the essential works carried out at Putney Bridge, London. The hoarding, which was erected during the repairs, separated the site from the public thoroughfare, enabling the pedestrians and traffic to stay safe before the full reopening of the bridge on the 26th September.

SmartPly SiteProtect was the ideal material to surround the Grade II listed structure while it underwent the waterproofing works. It is a smooth, heavy-duty exterior coated panel designed for hardwearing, demanding applications, such as this river site. The highly engineered and moisture resistant OSB3 panel is specifically designed to save both time and money with its easy installation and cost effective pre-coated surface.

300 panels were supplied in the standard size of 2440 x 1220mm at 18mm thickness for the hoarding surroundPutney_SmartPly SiteProtecting the site. The temporary hoarding did not need additional protection before being erected as the pre-coated panel is robust enough to withstand the weathering elements
of the river. As all SmartPly OSB3 panels are fully FSC certified and manufactured using zero added formaldehyde resins, they are the environmentally responsible wood panel choice. In addition these panels carry the CE mark, in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation and are EUTR compliant, thus enabling contractors to use with confidence.

HFD Limited hoarding contractors supplied the SiteProtect through the main contractor FM Conways. Pierre Ely at HFD said: “SiteProtect was the smart choice for the hoarding due to its durability. This is a historically important site that is used by thousands of people on a daily basis, the SmartPly panel is easy to cut and handle making assembly of the hoarding quick and simple, for efficient protection.”

For further information on SmartPly OSB visit www.smartply.com and follow @SmartplyOSB.