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Drainage & Plumbing

Rainwater Harvesting From Polypipe


Polypipe offers Rainstream – a range of rainwater harvesting options. Ideal for new build, for retrofit and already seeing major interest from the self-build marketplace, Rainstream is a very simple straightforward rainwater harvesting ‘package’.

The Polypipe Rainstream system is available as a gravity fed or a pressurised system. Within a gravity fed system, water is pumped from the Rainstream Tank to a header tank in the loft. The water is then fed to each appliance by gravity. Pressurised systems use a pump to feed water directly to the appliance or appliances on demand. Installation of a Rainstream system from Polypipe will reduce mains water usage by around 50% – a valuable saving particularly if you’re on a metered water supply.

For more information click on to www.polypipe.com/building-products