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Reliable partner for shower floors from Kaldewei


At the 4 star Radisson Blu hotel in Hamburg, the hotel management decided to replace all tiled shower areas in the hotel following problems with black spots and leakages. The new showers had to be of high quality, durable and easy to clean, and they needed to fit in with the hotel’s modern design. In the end, the ideal partner for these renovations was found in Kaldewei. The affected rooms in the hotel were closed and all 252 tiled shower areas are now steadily being replaced.

Cleaning and heavy use do not leave even the slightest scratch in the hard, pore-free surface of Kaldewei 3.5mm steel enamel. The surface without tile grout ensures lasting good looks and also improves hygiene properties. Using the right Kaldewei installation system, products in the enamelled shower surface range, such as the Conoflat, are easy to install and, if necessary, even to replace. Kaldewei therefore offers the customer a comprehensive one-stop solution –complete with a reassuring material guarantee of 30 years.

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