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Simply install, network and ventilate


Specifying an automated ventilation system doesn’t have to be complicated, says the UK’s leading manufacturer of door and window control systems, as it launches its latest set of window drives.

Bringing together the best elements from its world-class heat and smoke ventilation range as well products for natural ventilation, GEZE UK has created a collection of versatile drives with specific benefits, which share a uniform, discreet design and innovative Smartfix installation system.

An architect looking to specify a variety of ventilation drives that meet the individual demands of each application, can choose from GEZE’s attractive Slimchain, mighty Powerchain, simple ECchain, the integrated E 920-E 990 chain drive and the compact E 250 NT spindle drive, safe in the knowledge that they will complement each other and integrate easily into the overall building management system.

Providing a flexible, building-specific ventilation solution, the entire range uses state of the art integrated control technology that can be easily configured and networked, ideal for fire protection when used as part of a smoke and heat extraction system.

Managing director Kaz Spiewakowski said: “This is the range that UK architects and specifiers have been asking for: industry leading, aesthetically pleasing drives that can be packaged together to suit each individual building’s requirements.

“Not only will each chosen set of drives be easy to install and network, but it also means that as the building use changes, the opening widths and opening speeds of all the windows can be easily adjusted. Our technical team are on hand to provide expert advice and guidance during the specification process and our WinCalc program makes designing window systems even easier.”