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Repair Care CPD Seminars and Specification Services


For 28 years Repair Care has been the first choice in its field for durable joinery repairs, providing flexible epoxy resin products. Both public and private sector property owners plus major national heritage organisations have benefited from the use of our products. These treatments retain as much as possible of the original building and cause minimal disruption to occupants.

Our 60 minute, free CPD UK approved seminar, which includes a practical demonstration, will show the savings and convenience of repairing rather than replacing decayed timber, this will not only help to get a full understanding of joinery repairs, but also to get tips on how to find decay or identify ‘danger areas’ with potential problems.

The seminar covers issues relating to timber degradation, the repair and maintenance, the cost implications of different methods of repair, and highlights the use of flexible epoxy resin products for sustainable and cost-effective repairs. Also covered is how and when new timber should be used. This also includes case studies to demonstrate best practise. Certificates are issued for all attendees.

Topics we cover are:

  • Factors Causing Wood Decay
  • Repair Vs Replacement
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Product Development
  • External Testing
  • Benefits of DRY FLEX®
  • Additional Services

In addition to this, Repair Care also offer inspection and specification services. To fully control the quality of a project with a consistent specification, Repair Care offers a 7 Step Specification Service which starts at the very beginning of a project and can last as long as the building has its function. It will ensure the best quality of maintenance possible.

Not only do we train and advise before and after the project is managed, we also provide full execution, and offer several specific types of support all tailored to what the contractor, specifier (or both) need. This is all to ensure the highest quality of repairs are possible.

Visit Website  .Get in touch with us at  cpd@repair-care.com or 01827 302 517

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