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Newton Specialist Basement Contractor Stonehouse Basements were praised by the Oxford Mail for having protected a family’s property from flooding for the third year running! Their home remained dry while others in South Hinksey, Oxford flooded.

Owner Adrian Porter, decided to invest in a full flood protection system following extensive flood damage in 2007, and he called on the expertise of Graham Stone, from Stonehouse Basements.

Installation of Newton System 500

Stonehouse installed a series of flood-proofing defences installed at his home including the Newton System 500 Cavity Drain Waterproofing products comprising membranes, drainage and pumps.

Porter explains: “We have a membrane behind the walls which goes up a metre high, and also under the carpets. So when water gets into the house, it is channeled between the membranes and into a basin and pumped out.”

Other precautions the families have put in place include a flood gate, to stop water coming through doorways, and four pressure pumps.

Porter goes on to say: “Last week it held back 45cm-deep floods, which is quite good. The only seepage was through the back door.”

Property Stays Dry While Others Flood

Newton Specialist Basement Contractors Offer Guaranteed Waterproofing Solutions. While Porter’s home remained dry others in South Hinksey flooded.

Graham Stone, owner of Stonehouse Basements, said there are a number of ways to help flood-proof homes at risk: “The first thing to do is to try to seal-up the structure of the house. That starts with getting flood gates, concrete floors, installing airbricks – which can prevent water getting through to timber floors – and sealing areas of the house where piping comes in.”



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