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Rise in demand for energy efficient dry lining boards


Increasingly stringent thermal performance requirements and rising energy costs have resulted in an increase in demand for Styroliner amongst contractors, reports Panel Systems, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of dry lining boards.

Styroliner, which helps to create warmer rooms and reduce energy consumption, consists of Styrofoam extruded polystyrene which is bonded to 9.5mm plasterboard, making it a simple and cost-effective dry lining solution. Styrofoam has a closed-cell structure, which makes it resistant to moisture.

Danny Phelan, Sales Manager at Panel Systems, said: “Styroliner is becoming an increasing popular dry lining board, as it is extremely easy to use and provides long lasting performance. It is widely used by contractors for refurbishments and new builds, where energy efficiency is all important.”

The range is lightweight and easy to transport, has high compressive strength and offers strong resistance to water vapour, therefore ensuring excellent performance for the lifetime of the building.

Styroliner can be ordered in a range of thicknesses to meet specific thermal performance requirements and U-value calculations can also be performed by Panel Systems’ technical team.

Minimal preparation is required to fit Styroliner insulation boards. The boards can be fixed to a wide range of wall and ceiling constructions, then finished using either a plaster skim or with established dry wall techniques. Styroliner boards are supplied in sizes 2400 x 1200mm. No specialist equipment is required to fit the lightweight boards, which can be easily cut on site.

More details can be found via the website, www.styroliner.co.uk which gives an overview of the product’s extensive features and benefits, as well as describing typical applications, including new builds, renovations, lofts and garages. It also gives step-by-step advice on installation, with photographs at different stages and detailed technical specifications, including the U-values achieved with each of Styroliner’s board thicknesses.

With up to 20 per cent of a home’s heat lost through poorly insulated walls, effective internal insulation is vitally important. Styroliner can address this heat loss by significantly improving the U-value of the wall and ceiling. Styroliner is suitable for both new builds and refurbishments and has environmental benefits, as it is CFC and HCFC free, as well as making buildings more energy efficient, reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the process.

For more information, visit the website www.styroliner.co.uk or call 01142 49 5635.