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ROCKWOOL® launches new SoundPro Guide


New comprehensive guide to specifying acoustic solutions for the residential and education sector. To support specifiers in selecting acoustic solutions for education and residential applications, ROCKWOOL® has launched ROCKWOOL SoundPro. The specialist guide combines technical data, product information and the latest regulatory advice in one place, aiding the specification of stone wool solutions for settings where sound insulation is key.

ROCKWOOL SoundPro outlines the importance and principles of good acoustic design and how to effectively enhance the acoustic capabilities of building projects. As noise pollution is now regarded as a public health problem that affects millions across the UK, the need for effective acoustic insulation in our buildings is more prevalent than ever. As such, ROCKWOOL SoundPro includes various strategies and functions that can reduce the amount of unwanted noise transfer through walls, floors or roofs.

Complementing these approaches are the latest ROCKWOOL solutions that provide acoustic benefits for each application area of the building, including internal wall solutions, façade and external wall solutions and flat roof solutions. ROCKWOOL SoundPro also outlines additional benefits of stone wool insulation beyond acoustics, including fire and thermal performance, as well as durability and indefinite recycling.

This guide also summarises acoustic regulations for England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland with detail for both new and existing and residential and education settings.

“We created ROCKWOOL SoundPro as a comprehensive guide to help those working in the residential and education sectors specify acoustic solutions more easily,” said Will Wigfield, Product Manager at ROCKWOOL. “It is the newest technical resource from ROCKWOOL which will act as a point of reference for specifiers and architects, with everything they need accessible in one place.”

For more information about ROCKWOOL SoundPro, visit rockwool.com/uk/soundpro.