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RonaDeck Tree Pit System enhances building project at Middlesbrough School


Ronacrete Approved Contractor Route One Highways laid over 200 square metres of RonaDeck Tree Pit System at Beverley and Tollesby School, Middlesbrough.

The landscaping work was part of a large new school building project combining two special schools in the area which provide education for students with autism and behavioural needs.

The new trees planted at the school are relatively small, but will grow and develop over the years and will provide pupils of the future with a green pleasant environment in which to learn.

The RonaDeck Tree Pit System protects the trees from damage without inhibiting their growth. The tree pit system surrounds the tree in a solid but porous construction which allows the passage of water to the tree roots and keeps the tree nourished and healthy. Ideal for use in public areas such as school playgrounds, streets, car parks and other areas where tree are enclosed by hard landscaping, it is easy to keep clean and so prevents the build up of hazardous and unsightly litter which often accumulates in tree pits, particularly the recesses of metal grilles