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Roof space used to discretely store rainwater


The new AquAttic rainwater harvesting system is a new innovation from Discrete Heat, which is cleverly designed to capture rainwater and store it in the roof space of a house or small building. It uses rainwater catchers on the roof and low profile water storage tanks fitted into the unused space in the eaves.

It’s a great way of conserving and recycling water as well as making savings on water bills.

AquAttic uses gravity to collect and run the rainwater through the system unlike more traditional models that require electric pumps. By eliminating any electrics AquAttic has no running costs or any controls to fail or service. 50% of water usage in households is for applications other than human consumption such as washing machines, dishwashers, toilets and gardening. The AquAttic system can provide up to 50% of a household’s water needs providing non-potable applications with free, recycled water.

DH5 AquAttic 2 high resThe system comprises rainwater catchers that are located across the width of the roof and roughly a third of the way up and are available in varying lengths up to 2.4 m ensuring maximum harvest. Any debris gathered during dry spells is immediately washed with the next rainfall due to the specifically designed shape and any smaller particles within the water are filtered out through the 120-micron filter each inlet has, preventing damage to internal plumbing.

The storage tanks have the capacity of 18 days usage, are plumbed into the toilet and washing machine supply and a back up control tank allows a minimal amount of mains water through in the very unlikely event of a long dry spell.

DH5 AquAttic 3 high resRecommended for new builds or renovations, AquAttic is available with a range of rain catcher colours allowing the harvesting system to blend in with the look of the existing roof and surrounding area. Maintenance can be kept to a minimum with the options of self-cleaning  (SC) systems or annual maintenance (AM) designs. The SC system uses a tipping mechanism to collect and store water that flows at high speed through internal pipes and flushes through the external inlet filter, dislodging any debris or build up that may cause a blockage.

Alternatively the AM system has a cartridge filter and mains flushing connection allowing easy manual cleaning from inside the property. The elimination of the secondary top water catchers and SC system significantly reduces instalment costs and changing of the filter cartridge is required only once a year.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, AquAttic fully complies with BS EN 8515 (2009) and is eligible for The Code for Sustainable Homes as well as BREEAM points. The extended warranty of up to 10 years assures the customer of a safe investment in the renewable market.

Further information on the AquAttic rainwater harvesting system is available from Discrete Heat on 01942 88 00 61, by emailing:  info@aquattic.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.aquattic.co.uk