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Safeguard Europe helps turns the tide on flooding


The increased incidence of flooding is forcing many property and business owners toward flood resistance and flood resilience – both matters for which Safeguard Europe, the UK’s leading specialist in damp- and waterproofing, and masonry repairs; has comprehensive solutions and superb technical support.

With over five million people in properties at risk of flooding; flood resilience, which focuses on minimising flood damage and recovery time, is deemed the more practical alternative to resistance – which aims to stop water entering premises. Resilience is also considered more effective where the risk of deep flood (defined as over 600mm) exists or where fast-flowing water may cause structural damage.

Solutions are many and complex, and assessments should be made not only as to suitability of product – but also of manufacturer to establish technical and quality credentials; as it is imperative that installations and applications should be ‘first time only’, and not subject to recall or remedials.

Safeguard Europe’s comprehensive collection of flood resilience and resistance products form a formidable combination of systems that enable both new and existing properties withstand flooding better and return to normality in the fastest time possible. High specification materials within the range include, for example, Stormdry, Dryzone, Vandex, Oldroyd and Sentry Pumps. These premium brands deliver the optimum in cost-effectiveness and peace of mind, enabling quality and enduring flood resilience installations.

The Stormdry range operates as part of a flood protection system that would necessarily also comprise door barriers and airbrick covers. Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream is a deeply penetrating water-repellent that prevents moisture penetration into masonry materials by lining their pores rather than blocking them – allowing the masonry to continue to breathe naturally. Stormdry cures to the original finish of the masonry and provides protection for up to 30 years.

Dryzone is a patented silane/siloxane formula that will form a DPC in solid brick, coursed stone, rubble infill and cavity walls and can be installed to form a secondary damp proof course at the height to which a flood is expected to rise in the worst case. This stops moisture from being transported to higher parts of the structure not in direct contact with flood water.

Oldroyd Aquadrain, Oldroyd Xv, Safeguard Fastframe and the Safeguard Sentry are complementary products that together form a system for minimising flood damage. A combination of cavity and perimeter drainage membranes; steel dry-lining and ‘pump and sump’ systems; the collection elements variously not only contains and collects water from walls, floors and basements but also then removes it.

Vandex is probably the world’s leading name in professional cementitious waterproofing, protection and repair products for tanking basements, walls, tunnels and drainage installations.

This comprehensive range of products is backed by Safeguard Europe’s range of market-leading, proven solutions is supported by the company’s own highly qualified and experienced staff. The support and know-how they offer is extended to contractors, specifiers and property owners and includes technical advice, specification help, research and even in-house laboratory analysis of plaster and masonry.

Together, this combination of proven expertise and carefully selected products enables Safeguard Europe to offer the market-leading solution to improving the flood resilience of any property, old or new.

Safeguard director Michael Earle said, “Achieving effective flood resilience and resistance is not a simple matter – and requires a holistic approach to building protection. Consequently, it’s critical that surveyors, specifiers, contractors and the insurance sector seek advice from industry experts such as ourselves. Done properly, appropriate resilience and resistance can go a long way to alleviating the misery and cost of flooding. Done improperly, it’s a waste of time, money and destroys property owners’ peace of mind”.


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