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Bathrooms & Washrooms

Saniflo products help maximise use of space at historic building


Historic Tedworth House in Wiltshire is famously known as a recovery centre for wounded soldiers. The impressive building – which dates back to the 1600s – has undergone extensive renovation which has included the use of a number of Saniflo products to facilitate the installation of sanitary facilities to previously inaccessible areas. A Sanicubic high performance macerating pump was specified to discharge waste and water from toilets, basins, showers and a cleaner’s sink sited in the basement, whilst 2 Sanispeed commercial pumps pump waste water from sinks in the art rooms.

3 x Sanishower pumps provide the means to remove water from the Skiplex centre and 2 further units to remove water from physiotherapy sinks. Finally Sanipack macerators have enabled the fitting of back to wall pans to provide a contemporary finish in some en-suite shower rooms.

For more information contact Saniflo on 020 8842 0033 or visit the website www.saniflo.co.uk