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Walk-in to a celebrity lifestyle with Draks


Type ‘celebrity walk-in wardrobes’ into Google and around 23,600,000 results are revealed. In one, The Wall Street Journal reports on the $100,000 closet and how “what was once a humble storage space is becoming a trophy accessory, growing in size to rival living rooms”; some, it explains, are even equipped with breakfast areas, sound systems and chandeliers.

Such lavish examples may the exception, but there is no doubt that spaces once designed primarily for storage are now taking centre stage as celebrity culture influences how ‘everyday’ people design their homes. The surge in reality TV shows, such as Made in Chelsea, is giving an insight into the lifestyles of the ‘stars’. Others allow people to see into the homes of celebrities such as Katie Price who has her own Jordan’s Closet ebay store selling her clothes.

It is easy to understand why the idea of having a walk-in wardrobe is so appealing. Clothes placed carefully on rails, themed shoe collections on specially-designed shelves and drawers containing a wealth of accessories, from bags to belts, add to the experience of ownership as designer styles come within reach of increasing numbers of consumers. A walk-in wardrobe represents more than just a place for grabbing clothes; it is something akin to possessing your own highly personalised boutique.

These walk-in storage spaces may be seen as a luxury but that is their appeal. This is why housebuilders and those involved in designing interiors should note their rises in popularity as they increasingly influence home-buying decisions. Draks, the market-leading brand, manufactures in the UK and well understands this

Draks has three walk-in wardrobe solutions: the Oxford, Duo and Skyline. The Oxford provides a fully lined bespoke interior, is available in a range of colours and can be adapted to suit nearly any interior design and requirement. System Duo allows the creation of a wide variety of furniture. Its modular structure means the entire room height may be used with a complete range of suspended shelves and accessories. Meanwhile, the cutting-edge Skyline free floating walk-in wardrobe system is mounted off the floor and as well as being visually stunning , is ideal for making the most of every inch of space.

Walk-in wardrobes, like those offered by Draks, exude celebrity glamour but they also provide an excellent design-led solution to something that is all too often overlooked – practical, high quality and attractive storage.

For further information on Draks, please visit www.draksonline.co.uk or call 01869 232 989.