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Saniflo unveils the new Kinemagic models


In addition to recently launching a new Kinedo brochure, Saniflo has extended its range of Kinemagic shower cubicles to include three new designs: Serenity, Design and Style.

Due to the popularity of the existing Kinemagic and in line with their policy of continuous product improvement, the experts at Saniflo decided to expand the shower cubicle offering, by giving customers a more comprehensive range to suit every home scenario.

Suitable for all the family, the Kinemagic Serenity is also perfect for less able members of the household. The Kinemagic Serenity facilitates care assisted showering or extra peace of mind for those who need a little extra help.

This high quality, all-in-one shower cubicle has been designed to fit in exactly the same space as your old bath and with integrated thermostatic shower control, a comfortable fold-down seat that takes up to 150kg, anti-slip flooring and secure grab bars, it provides the ultimate, safe showering experience.

The 30mm shower tray threshold guarantees easy entry into the cubicle and the cool-touch thermostatic shower is simple to use and operate and with two options for height of overhead rain shower – 2.0m or 2.2m – there’s a comfortable height for all members of the family.

The Kinemagic Serenity also includes a second, optional grab-bar for extra support; side and back panels made from 6mm glass; front panel and door made from 8mm glass; and, an anti-slip shower tray.

As with the Serenity version, the Kinemagic Design features sleek glass panels and an attractive anodised finish for an even more luxurious look and feel.

The Kinemagic Design features a 30mm shower tray threshold for easy entry, a cool-touch thermostatic shower, two options for height of overhead rain shower of 2.0m or 2.2m, side and back panels made from 6mm glass, and a front panel and door made from 8mm glass. An ideal solution for all homes that want a sleek new shower, not just those who need the extra features of the Serenity design.

The new Kinemagic Style is an attractive glass cubicle that can be customized to suit an individual’s home. With an anti-slip shower tray, secure grab bar and optional fold-down seat it provides that little bit of extra help for a safe showering experience. The Kinemagic Style can be fitted with any shower valve making it ideal for contract work where a shower valve is already specified.

The new Kinemagic Style features a 30mm shower tray threshold for easy entry, optional folding shower seat, anti-slip shower tray, side and back panels in 6mm glass, front panel in 8mm glass, an optional shower curtain rail, a slider rail ready for any choice of shower handset and the glass drilled to accept standard shower valve with 150mm inlet centres.

Andy Gyde, Kinedo Product Manager, Saniflo UK comments: “The Kinemagic range is a very popular shower cubicle. Trade customers and end users love the practicality of Kinemagic. All models simply slot into the space where a bath was or are fitted into their own space and are quick and easy to fit. Installers find Kinemagic a lucrative option and  homeowners can have their bathroom transformed in literally a few hours with no retiling, no silicone and minimum disruption and hassle.

“Due to the popularity of Kinemagic and the growing trend for more aesthetically pleasing, inclusively designed bathroom products, the introduction of the Kinemagic Serenity, Design and Style is very timely for the market. Homeowners can completely transform their bathroom and have a beautiful, contemporary inclusively designed shower cubicle that will provide them and all the family will years of safe, luxury showering. This is how inclusive design ought to be.”

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