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Over the past 10 years we have worked with a range of architects, main contractors, scaffolding contractors & roofing contractors providing temporary security solutions to churches and other buildings throughout the UK whilst scaffolding is in place.We are currently the only Scaffolding Alarm Company outside of London, who are accredited by the highly sought after and vastly recognizable SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (UK)) solely for Scaffold Alarms.

We are also the only company on the Ecclesiastical Insurance Approved Supplier List for the use of Scaffold Alarms. In the past year alone we’ve worked with companies similar to yourselves to help them ensure adequate security protection is in place whilst temporary works are undertaken.

Thefts from construction sites is unfortunately part of today’s society,but not only is it the loss of equipment,fuel,
materials and machinery. The most expensive part of having an intruder on your site is injury claims or damages,
the cost of repairing newly built properties will undoubtedly run into the thousands.

While the presence of security cameras is often enough to deter the vast majority of would-be thieves and vandals,if your site was compromised you will have access to the video evidence required for successful prosecution.

We offer arange of site security options including both hardwired CCTV systems & Wire Free Battery operated systems.

Most systems compramise of static and PTZ(pan,tilt and zoom) cameras, both of which are installed using anticlimb measures to prevent any attempts of tampering, The CCTV systems we use have the option of being fully
monitored and many additional features, for example;

Health & Safety–Any accidents that may occur onsite will also be captured on the 24/7 recording provided by
the DVR(digital video recorder)

Security–You can have the CCTV remotely monitored by our ARC(Alarm Receiving Centre),any out of hours’
activation’s/triggered events are immediately received by the ARC. They then assess the footage to confirm
intrusion, the ARC then warns the intruders by triggering the onsite siren or tanoy whilst simultaneously
contacting designated key holders.

With the advancement in technology both in microelectronics and lithium batteries,wireless battery powered
CCTV gives the opportunity to not only detect the intrusion but also the provision of confirmation and video

The system has builtin GSM which allows the connection to a cloud based server for video transmission.This
video is then sent to a Grade2 alarm transmission system using CSL Technology complying with BS EN 50136.

With upto 25 devices per a single control panel,providing the ability to cover substantial areas,Specifically in
remote or rural locations.This is a low cost and more effective alternative to manned guards.

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