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Heating & Ventilation

See Zehnder BIM components in action


Assisting architects, designers and engineers in the specification and installation of Zehnder products, a new video guide on the use of Zehnder BIM components has been posted on their website.

Giving step-by-step guidance on how to select a specific Zehnder product and work through the various options available, the video is ideal for anyone who is currently working, or just starting out, in the world of BIM Modelling.

Designed as fully parametric Revit families, all Zehnder components work intelligently within the modelling system. The video shows how actual technical and performance data is used for product selection, and details how it is updated dynamically when product sizes are changed to help designers and architects specify accurately.

Once the model is passed to the engineer the video also explains how the parametric components can be used to analyse the system to ensure the building model is correct and that the system is working correctly.

Intuitive and easy to use Zehnder BIM components are available for a wide range of Zehnder radiators, radiant heating and cooling panels and trench heaters.