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Shadow XT Bluetooth Patio Heaters from Heat Outdoors


Shadow XT Bluetooth Patio Heaters form the centre of a perfect patio heater set up. Heat Outdoors were proud to introduce the Shadow XT Bluetooth Patio Heater range as the world’s first and only fully BLUETOOTH controlled outdoors heater. Heat Outdoors introduced its own app that could be downloaded on any iOS device and gives you full control over your heater(s) power settings including an on-board timer. As Part of our on-going commitment towards the advancement of more environmentally beneficial products, we have now developed an exclusive Bluetooth Application to give Shadow XT users complete control over every heater – FULL POWER or OFF is no longer the only option!!

  • Variable heat control from either, integrated switch, remote handset or Bluetooth (Apple device)
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth timer option
  • Long life exclusive Ultra Low Glare infrared lamp with 5,000 to 7,000 hours life.
  • Equipped with 1.5m of electrical cable and moulded 13 Amp plug
  • Scientifically designed double parabolic reflector for massive efficiency and power
  • EasyFit fast lamp changing system
  • Safety guard
  • Heater body in solid silver anodised aluminium

Patented EasyFit Lamp Technology

Changing a lamp no longer takes 20 minutes and a degree… 3 minutes and an Allen key is all you need.

It’s so easy, anyone can do it, thanks to Shadows revolutionary new lamp system.

With advancing technology in the infrared heating marketplace has come an unwanted side effect; lamps are so well integrated into the heaters, that have become impossible for the untrained to even attempt changing. Many well-known brands can take up to 20 minutes for an expert to swap over.

Shadow Heaters full range of electric patio heaters are now exclusively fitted with the worlds most advanced lamp connection system; EasyFit™. This new connection is completely waterproof/weatherproof (IP65) meaning that the safety and durability of the unit has not been compromised by this new connection.

This new EasyFit™ connection has been made possible by using the latest state of the art heat resistant materials and matching them up with the Shadow Heaters team of knowledgeable experts.

Heat Outdoors and Handy Dryers are located in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire. All products are shipped directly from our UK warehouse. For more information contact one of our helpful sales staff on 01279466500 or email sales@heat-outdoors.co.uk

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