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Striking Liquid Stone Furnishings and Design from Living Concrete


Living Concrete’s range of unique and stylish indoor and outdoor furnishings have transformed how the raw material of concrete can be used in the home, garden or business.  From stunning pendant lights and creative wall art, to custom designed panels and bespoke worktops and furniture, Living Concrete creates beautifully designed, durable and light products with a striking finish.    The result is a bold, minimalist and contemporary feel with modern elegance.

Daniel Wanat, 41, owner of Living Concrete based in Chiswick, West London, has taken advantage of all the best bits of this raw and natural material, to create a style that complements, but is not limited to today’s industrial and urban chic trends: –

We’ve had huge interest from architects and interior designers.  Being featured at The Chelsea Flower Show through Outdoor Living was also a great opportunity for us.  Furniture and lighting made of concrete is becoming a big thing in new designs for both domestic and commercial use.  It’s a liquid stone, you can make anything out of it and it is timeless. There has been a huge shift to simple, industrial and functional designs. We are currently working on some exciting new projects including bespoke black concrete, polished concrete tiles and outdoor kitchens completely made from our concrete.  Concrete looks cool and makes a statement.  It can give a unique and fashionable accent to a space and it’s a talking point.

The carefully crafted design pieces are made in Europe and the UK, with all bespoke requirements dealt with and made in the company’s UK factory.  When it comes to exclusive, concrete designs, Daniel strongly believes there really is nothing that cannot be made using this versatile material.  Client’s for Living Concrete agree.  From a bespoke outdoor kitchen for Charlotte Crosland Interiors www.charlottecrosland.com, to pendant lamps for Amanda Storey at Newton Hall , Northumberland www.apartment-group.com and worktops for Cinematographer, Balazs Bolygo in North West London,  the natural beauty of this raw material is making its mark.

Living Concrete’s considered approach toward architecture and interior design, means that each client can create a completely bespoke design for their home or business.  The durability and versatility of the material can radically transform the design of any project.  Concrete is ideal for use with underfloor heating, as it is lighter than its quarried alternatives, it can be coloured and shaped to almost any form and have any surface texture.   The oiled or sealed surface of concrete means it is stain resistant and has excellent sound impact absorption when installed with concrete adhesive.  Some products can also be used outdoors on walls for cladding, patios, as well as garden benches and planters.   The technology of GFRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) made with white cement, has a much lower environmental impact than conventional concrete, stone or other materials.  Made with minerals: cement, aggregates, glass fibres and, in some cases, mineral pigments and special polymers, GFRC is designed to be long lasting and environmentally friendly.    This technology allows unlimited use of this material in interior and exterior design and can be combined with glass, metal and wood to create very different finishes.

As today’s industrial and urban trend grows and as new trends begin to evolve, Living Concrete is continuously evolving its own designs and creations of bespoke concrete pieces for homes, gardens, businesses and building projects.

To find out more about how concrete can become part of your project, please visit the showroom in Chiswick, London to see a range of designs, finishes and furniture: –

Living Concrete Ltd, Yorks Yard, 12A Sutton Lane North, Chiswick, London W4 4LD

Alternatively, please contact Daniel Wanat on 020 3092 3020 for more information on bespoke designs, delivery and installation.

Prices for all lights, panels and furniture are also available on www.livingconcrete.co.uk

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