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Shopping in a New Dimension: EDEKA Paschmann’s Future-E-Centre Unveils Captivating “Essthetics” and Light Architecture


EDEKA Paschmann, a beacon of exceptional shopping experiences for over 50 years, has transformed into a retail powerhouse with eleven stores and over 1,000 workers. The inauguration of their latest establishment in Mülheim an der Ruhr, spanning an impressive 6,000 square meters, heralds the birth of a Future-E-Centre that seamlessly fuses the concepts of “Essthetics” and light architecture.

Since its inception in 1973, the Paschmann family has championed a philosophy underpinned by freshness, quality, and personalised service. A testament to this ethos, the company has thrived and actively evolved. This evolution, marked by a steadfast determination to grow and a relentless dedication to customer satisfaction, is the pinnacle in the new E-Centre — a space where innovation and customer-centricity combine in remarkable ways.

Venturing beyond the confines of traditional retail, the new E-Centre redefines shopping dynamics. Elevating products and seasonal themes to new spatial levels, the establishment invites customers to explore displays and creative lighting that interact harmoniously with the expansive interior, amplifying the sensory experience.

Key collaborators in this immersive journey include “Upel” from Essen and “Shop Zwo” from Düsseldorf, who shaped the store’s design and ambience, and OKTALITE, the retail lighting specialist from the TRILUX Group. OKTALITE’s lighting concept masterfully utilises the room’s full dimensions, including its 5-meter height, effectively breathing life into the architectural landscape.

“Our team at OKTALITE used the unique room height to enhance the shopping experience,” remarks Till Meckenstock, the dedicated project manager. “Creative ceiling elements and large displays are focal points, accentuated by lighting at an unusual installation level — nearly five metres, instead of the typical 3. This elevation of light brings not just breadth, but also an added dimension of attention.”

Beyond aesthetics, EDEKA Paschmann’s store concept and lighting seamlessly merge to form a holistic, immersive encounter. The store’s layout presents classic assortments in attractive store designs that emulate distinct themes such as the “fruit house,” “noodle factory,” and “cheese island.” Further enriching the experience, customers can explore the “Gourmeteck” and the “Fischbude,” while the “Depot” offshoot, acting as a shop-in-shop, entices with decorative offerings.

While aesthetics reign supreme, energy efficiency remains paramount. “Even with a heightened installation level of lighting, we’ve managed to achieve both attractive and efficient lighting solutions,” reveals Till Meckenstock. “By harnessing precise beam characteristics and the LIVELINK Retail lighting management system, we’ve harnessed the power of Bluetooth Low Energy technology to network and control all luminaires. The outcome? A bespoke lighting concept with minimal energy consumption.”

The lighting ranges throughout the store include the area-wide use and interaction of the two luminaires, QUIRA PLUS and CANILO PLUS. Both products have flexible beam characteristics from narrow to wide. The QUIRA PLUS power package is ideally suited for precisely illuminating the goods. The LED recessed luminaire can be tilted up to 15 degrees and remain flush with the ceiling. It can be swivelled up to 70 degrees in vertical illumination for targeted accents. CANILO PLUS, on the other hand, is the ideal choice for ambient lighting, gondola heads, and promotion areas. The E-LINE-NEXT continuous-row lighting system and the versatile GRADO pivoting track spotlight in recessed and surface-mounted versions complement these products.

EDEKA Paschmann’s new Future-E-Centre is an example of inspired retail design, where architecture and lighting craft an engaging, unforgettable shopping experience.

For further information on the TRIlUX retail lighting range, please visit https://www.trilux.com/en/applications/retail/retail-lighting/