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At Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire – the world renowned centre for radio astronomy – Sika has demonstrated its ability to deliver high performance concrete repair and protection solutions with a comprehensive range of the company’s products helping to repair a concrete frame supporting their Mark II telescope.

When cracking and spalling was discovered in the telescope’s concrete base, the University of Manchester required a specification to restore the concrete profile and provide future protection. Appointed to complete the refurbishment, contractor Grade 2 utilised a range of high performance systems from Sika as part of a complete package solution.

Supporting the 25×38 metre diameter telescope dish, the concrete frame stands 25 metres high and was constructed fifty years ago. To make primary repairs, Grade 2 utilised cherry pickers to apply the two-component Sika® Monotop system – comprising a bonding primer and reinforcement coating followed by a concrete repair and reprofiling mortar.

“On a site which was very difficult to access due to the shape of structure we also couldn’t use a fixed scaffold as the telescope had to freely rotate any time of day or night,” explains Steve Parry, Operations Manager at Grade 2. “The versatility of the cherry pickers allowed us to complete the high quality application of Sika products and bring this famous structure back to its best.”

Once the repairs were made, Sika® Ferrogard®-903 was spray-applied to the external elements. Easy to apply and cost-effective, Sika® Ferrogard®-903 inhibits corrosion by delaying its start and dramatically slowing its rate, extending the maintenance and service life cycle of reinforced concrete. The surface applied system penetrates the concrete to provide a protective layer around steel reinforcement whilst maintaining the aesthetic of the structure.Jodrell Bank KD1044_076-r70

The repairs were followed by the comprehensive application of two coats of Sikagard®-675W ElastoColor. With a proven track record and a simple installation process, the protective/decorative anti-carbonation coating can be applied over existing coatings or directly onto the concrete to offer protection and aesthetic enhancement.

Sika‘s concrete repair and protection solutions are designed to rehabilitate and restore concrete surfaces back to their original quality.  Concrete repair mortars, anti-corrosion coatings, corrosion inhibitors, reinforcement corrosion protectors and the full Galvashield range of embedded galvanic anodes make up the extensive range that Sika offers.

With the concrete structure fully repaired and protected, the Mark II Telescope is once again supported and protected by a structure that is built to last. The complete repair and protection solution from Grade 2 and Sika will ensure that this important telescope at Jodrell Bank Observatory is less susceptible to the Great British weather and the effects of the local environment.

For further information on Sika’s range of products, visit www.sika.co.uk or for general enquiries call on 0800 1123863.

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