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Sika Provides Efficient Solution for Balcony and Walkway Repairs at Toryglen


A £15 million refurbishment project is underway at Toryglen, Glasgow, where contractor Lawtech is completing the renovation of 1,083 properties. As part of this refurbishment, a system was required that would provide an efficient and long term method of repair to the extensive balconies and walkways across the estate. A range of concrete repair and flooring products from global building product manufacturer Sika met the brief.
The two-year project is being managed by ‘whole house’ refurbishment specialist Lawtech. The company is providing improved external wall insulation, PV panels, windows, roofing, boilers and heat pumps, as well as a comprehensive replacement of the building’s walkways and balconies which had suffered from degradation caused by air borne pollutants and constant trafficking.
For the walkways and balcony repairs, a fast application process that would allow the extensive refurbishments to be carried out with the minimum of disruption to residents was required. With its ability to be laid and trafficked in the same day Sikafloor 415 proved the ideal solution.
Working for Lawtech, specialist contractor Site Sealants was appointed to repair and resurface the balconies and walkway. Before resurfacing, Site Sealants used a range of Sika concrete repair and protection solutions, including Sika Rapid Repair Mortar and the Sika Monotop concrete repair system – a system that meets the requirements of the European Standard EN 1504, the standard for the repair and protection of concrete.
Sika Rapid Repair Mortar was specified for its fast application process and long term performance. The one component fast setting cementitious repair mortar is ideal for use on vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces and is ready to apply after simply mixing with water. This was used in conjunction with Sika Monotop which contains silica fume, a highly reactive pozzolan. Applied “wet-on-wet” to provide a robust protective layer, it is resistant to water and chloride penetration, and helps to prevent future damage to the substrate whilst repairing the concrete.
Once the concrete repairs were completed, Site Sealants applied a Sikafloor bonding and concrete primer before installing 5,000m2 of the innovative Sikafloor 415 Elastic system across more than 1,000 balconies and interconnecting walkways. With its quick curing abilities, and low odour application, it proved the ideal choice for this project, as the housing blocks can remain occupied throughout the two year programme.
Sikafloor 415 Elastic is weather resistant and abrasion resistant under normal use such as foot traffic, light wheeled transport and typical furniture. Able to be laid and trafficked in the same day and featuring Moisture Triggered Technology, meaning its curing is unaffected by rain, the system offers an efficient installation that enables residents access to their balconies and communal walkway within a short space of time and causes minimal disruption.
Due to its crack-bridging abilities, it ensures longevity and minimal maintenance. The system is also resistant to thermal shock created by exposure to elements including ice, hail or warming through sunshine. Offering exceptional weatherproofing, durability and a simple installation process, the Sikafloor system – with a 10 year life expectancy – has ensured that the Toryglen housing estate’s walkways and balconies will remain protected for many years to come.
By also enabling delivery of significant carbon reductions on this large scale housing scheme, the project could set the standard for future social housing refurbishments. The careful and considered choice of products perfectly demonstrates how the new Sikafloor system can help deliver high performance and cost-effective solutions, with an efficient installation process suitable for the most progressive and innovative renovation projects.