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Bathrooms & Washrooms Products

William Garvey have just completed this stunning teak bathroom for a project in Dorset


Teak Tiles.
William Garvey teak tiles have been installed into steam rooms, saunas and bathrooms producing a natural, beautiful and warm finish for over 30 years.   They are as hardwearing and easy to clean as ceramic tiles but easier to fit, and infinitely more stylish.

Tiles are made of teak bonded to an inert plastic core with a finish that impregnates the timber against water and humidity, and can be easily cleaned using standard bathroom cleaning products.

Teak tiles produce a natural, beautiful and warm finish,  perfect for all wet-room applications as well as showers, backsplashes and kitchens.

Tiles can be made our standard sizes or custom up to 2500mm x 250mm. For examples click on Teak tiles.

Teak Baths.
As you can see the William Garvey Geo standard bath fitted perfectly into the space, creating a cohesion of style which is complemented by the teak floorboards. 

All William Garvey baths can be made to bespoke sizes and further examples can be seen on Baths.

Teak Shower Grids and Floorboards.
Along with teak floorboards William Garvey manufacture grids and trays to fit any space for a shower, swimming pool or sauna.  Being warm underfoot, non-slippery,
robust and resilient they exude sophistication. 
For more installation examples click on Showers.

Fitted and Freestanding Furniture.
William Garvey design, manufacture & fit high end fitted and freestanding furniture of the highest standards for kitchens, living spaces and bedrooms worldwide, not just for bathrooms! 

For more information on William Garvey, and to view other projects, visit  www.williamgarvey.co.uk

If you have any questions, you’d like a presentation of our work or would like us to quote for your project please contact us on robin@williamgarvey.co.uk or by phone on 01404 841 430