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The technology behind Smart systems is clearly getting more complex and all encompassing. Systems such as BEMS – building energy management systems – allow for the integration of heating, lighting, electronic fire and security systems and have become commonplace in new commercial and public sector projects, but where does the future lie in the residential and office marketplace?

There was an expectation that the rise of smart technology in the home would take off in a big way in 2016, but the evidence is that the rumours of the huge ‘take up’ of clever technology simply hasn’t quite happened. The technology has become more complex and the fact is that homes and offices actually want simplicity of controls and ease of use when it comes controlling the energy costs.

Renowned for innovative electric heating solutions, Ecolec has launched its novel design solution – Ecolec Multiple Zone – a new wireless, remotely controlled Smart Controller – using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone – that allows you to control temperature in up to 10 separate zones within your home or office with precision.

You simply need to log in to a home or office Ecolec heating system via the internet to check the air temperature in any zone or room to make the program changes necessary. This system offers unique levels of flexibility for controlling a heating system remotely.

The Ecolec Multiple Zone Gateway is connected via a network cable to a home or office internet router. Programming and control is then available using a PC, tablet, or mobile device with a PC app, browser or mobile app via the internet. The signals between the Gateway, thermostats and heaters are all wireless. Wireless signals between the gateway and each zone’s thermostats and radiators communicate at 433 MHz

“In many applications – particularly in new and refurbished apartment blocks, electric heating is far preferable to wet heating systems and far less expensive to install,” says Chandru Ray. “With these wireless controls you can control the heat in various areas of the home or office remotely – it’s deceptively simple.”

“To give another example”, continues Mr Ray of Ecolec , “operators of a small 10 bedroom hotel will be able to control the temperature of each bedroom remotely from outside the bedroom so that they can optimise on heating levels according to whether the room is occupied or not.  “









To see more about the Ecolec product range and the new smart controller – click onto www.ecolec.co.uk or call the company on 01902 457575.

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