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St Martins Lane, London


Ultra Floor’s contract flooring solutions for sub floor preparation have been used to transform a number of hotels across the UK and continue to be the materials of choice for today’s busy contractor looking to achieve a high performance installation.

Ultra Floor’s polymer emulsion primer, Prime IT N, for non absorbent substrates and rapid curing smoothing compound, Level IT Super30, were used to transform the kitchen and corridors in St Martins Lane, one of London’s most elegant 5 star hotels, located at the hub of Covent Garden. Level IT Super30 sets to walk on in as little as 30 minutes, enabling impervious floor coverings to be laid after just 3 hours. It was perfect for use in this busy hotel, where downtime had to be kept to a minimum.

I2The Radisson Blu Edwardian Guildford hotel, a new landmark on Surrey’s most celebrated street, benefited from an Ultra Floor makeover during its construction. Ultra Floor’s Level IT one HDB, Level IT two and Prime IT AR were used to prepare the substrates throughout the hotel prior to fitting a selection of vinyls and carpets. Level IT one HDB is designed to smooth undulations and to build depths of up to 50mm. It was applied to the substrate prior to the application of Level IT two to provide a level surface. Level IT two, once cured, provides excellent surface strength and withstands minimal foot traffic whilst waiting to receive the floor covering – great for busy working sites where floor coverings may not be laid for several days after application.

Ultra Floor’s Level IT SmoothFlow was used to complete sub-floor preparation and Amtico floor covering installation in the kitchen and restaurant areas in the Travelodge at Gatwick Airport. Level IT SmoothFlow gives a flawless finish and is particularly suited to installations of vinyl, rubber and linoleum where imperfections in flooring underlayments can result in poor aesthetics. It was the ideal choice for this luxury vinyl installation.

Accommodation within the Hilton group, Centre Parcs and Roundhouse Barn Holidays, to name but a few, have all undergone refurbishment work using Ultra Floor’s proven, high specification products, which make a befitting addition to these successful brands.

For further information on Ultra Floor’s product range, please call 01827 871871 or email ultrafloor@instarmac.co.uk


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