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Starpool Wellness Concept now in the UK


Starpool is an international luxury spa and wellness brand with 40-years of experience and more than 3.000 project implementations in Europe and all over the world.

Pool and Spa Consulting

 We have historical-cultural but also, medical and scientific knowledge in the thermal and sport environments mixed with passion and curiosity.

Engineering planning of Spas, swimming pools, tailor-made products, mechanical and electric plants, feasibility and sustainability analysis with consequent business plan development, training and start-up are just some of the services that Starpool’s clients can employ.

A good project allows good management.

Realising a Spa is a fascinating experience. To get the best results you need the know-how and careful and precise planning. At Starpool, we believe we can face such a creative outcome only by giving life to a team of professionals able to work closely to achieve the best possible project. A combination of competences, taste and management skills to make a real difference.

We believe in the added value of respect for the environment, which is why sustainability forms an integral part of all Starpool activities.

Green wellness concept: eco-friendly luxury spa

Biocompatibility: All of Starpool’s products are designed with eco-sustainability in mind. The sauna wood is 100% natural. The special working of the slats and the construction system employed limits the use of adhesives in the installation phase, thus optimising the healthiness of the surroundings.

Sustainable Production: Starpool products are manufactured with a low environmental impact with limited energy consumption from clean and renewable sources, recyclable raw materials and external emissions equal to zero.

Renewable materials: Highly recyclable materials that represent over 75% of their weight. The simple system for dismantling the components makes it easy to recover the raw materials at the end of a product’s life cycle.

Natural, Reusable Packaging: All products are dispatched in fir wood boxes from the Fiemme Valley that can be collected and reused many times over, thus reducing the use of new packaging materials.

Green Technology: Software and hardware that adjust and keep the temperature consistent. Our Green Pack includes self-closing doors and remote diagnostics, which enable approximately 20% energy saving during standard operation and optimisation of energy loads. Controlling the power distribution allows you to avoid the overrun of the kW and obtain long-term savings.



The new sp.a_system by Starpool is the latest in luxury wellness, featuring exclusive designs combined with smart technology for a complete relaxation experience.

4 wellness paths for 4 wellness goals that bring together the benefits of the traditional sauna and steam with the cooling sensation of an ice cabin and sensory showers.

The incorrect use of wellness facilities sometimes can cause inappropriate sensations. When exposed to high temperature, our body endures a false fever that activates our immune system. Therefore, a dive into the snow or immersion in cold water are fundamental to restore our temperature to normal standards and to feel good again.

The Starpool sp.a_system paths help the user by informing him/her on times and conditions of use of each environment.

How it works: Choose your goal from one of the four wellness bracelets (relax, tonic, purify, excite), put the bracelet on and follow the guidelines.

All Starpool facilities are marked with a wellness sign that matches the ones displayed on your bracelets, so all you need to do is follow the wellness path and enjoy the spa experience.

Spa Collections

We offer a wide variety of unique Starpool spa collections, from simple and elegant designs to those that are technology-laden and highly functional.

Our products are manufactured to the highest standard, using only the top-quality materials to deliver exceptional spa and wellness facilities that represent true luxury.

Glamour Collection: Fascinating new look, inspired by luxury, elegance and seduction.

Sweet Collection: Sweet is a unique, unmistakable, inimitable style.

Soul Collection: Pure lines in a contemporary urban design.

Relax Collection: Ergonomic, sleek lines, naturally inspired materials and an eye for detail

Classic Collection: A tailor-made range of products with unique lines arising to emphasize the signature feature of the hosting SPA.

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