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Steel Window Association confirms fire safety


Always seeking to ensure that steel windows are up to date when it comes to meeting relevant safety and other regulatory requirements, the Steel Window Association (SWA) has had the fire performance of the systems re-validated under current European law.

As a result a new five year approval has been confirmed for the F Range, W20 and W40 steel profiles by the independent and highly respected Exova Warringtonfire centre, and passed several vigorous and exacting fire integrity test to maintain the coveted BS fire ratings.

The review of the assessment report referenced WFRC No. C118420 concluded that the data used in the original appraisal ‘has been re-examined and found to be satisfactory.’ Additionally, the re-appraisal of the original testing – Fire Test Study Group Resolution 64A: 1993 – ensures that the testing methodology meets the revised requirements of Resolution 82: 2001.

This means that SWA members can to assure specifiers that the F Range, W20 and W40 can be expected to provide either 30 or 60 minutes fire integrity, in line with the separate specifications, as tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 22:1987.

Importantly, this allows specifiers and contractors to continue employing steel framed windows in potentially challenging situations such as to bring light into stairwells and escape routes around a variety of buildings including hospitals, secure institutions, education establishments and commercial premises.

The assessment, C118420, from Exova Warringtonfire, is valid until July 2018. For more information on steel windows call the SWA on 0844 249 1355, e-mail info@steel-window-association.co.uk or look at website www.steel-window-association.co.uk, where the 20 page Specifier’s Guide to Steel Windows can be viewed.