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Rising to the Challenge


GRP Riser floors are now accepted as an integral part of any multi-storey structure and millions of pounds are being spent each year retro-fitting them in buildings of all kinds. Age is no excuse – no matter when it was built, if there is a gap around pipes, cables or ducting that is big enough to drop tools or a person further than 2.5m then it must be filled with a weight-bearing floor. Just this year, Step on Safety has fitted such floors in The Savoy Hotel and the Royal College of Music.  Clearly, going in after the event to bring a building up to code is do-able but it’s much easier (and more cost-effective) to install them as the building goes up.

So, while we can install them at any point during a build, more often than not, the riser floor is specified much later in a project, often after all the facilities have been installed. And that can only be because it’s not a decision made by the architects and engineers at the time of design. It’s the building contractor that decides when they go in and what material should be used.

Step on Safety supplies RiserDeck®, a complete GRP solution to the challenge of riser floors.  Glass Reinforced Plastic grating and profiles are a lightweight alternative to steel equivalents and are non- sparking and non-conductive, making them easy to install without the need for lifting equipment and hot works licenses. Working closely with the builder we can fabricate the risers in co-ordination with M&E contractors to ensure a seamless process.

To ensure you retain full control over the safety, integrity and cost of your next project, get in touch with Step on Safety to discuss how GRP RiserDeck® can save you time and money.

Call 01206 396 446 or visit www.steponsafety.co.uk.

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