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Imprinted Asphalt is a patented decorative technological surfacing process, which not only provides a variety of decorative patterns and colours but also protects the asphalt base.

  • Cost effective, durable surface requiring low maintenance
  • Authentic appearance available in a wide variety of patterns and colours
  • A flexible asphalt removes the need for expansion joints
  • Minimal weed growth, shifting and trip hazards
  • Speed of installation of the system minimises disruption
  • Reheating technology and coating system allows for fast and seamless repairs

Eurovia Specialist Treatments have installed imprinted asphalt in multiple new housing developments across the country, most notably in the Bridgend area. Bridgend Council have chosen this process because the look of block paving is more aesthetically pleasing as opposed to other methods of footway surfacing. According to studies carried out, the visual impact of block paving reduces the speed of traffic in residential areas. In addition to this, clients receive tangible benefits of having Imprinted Asphalt installed due to minimal maintenance costs, elimination of trip hazards from weed growth as well as providing an attractive and durable footway surfacing option.

There is an anticipated further five years of development in Bridgend which the council have confirmed that Imprinted Asphalt is their preferred solution.

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