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Structural connections can be smarter….


Often it is a relief that the structure is hidden!

But when you want to express the structure, how do you make the most of that opportunity?


Meroform systems are well known solutions for roof structures and exhibition stands, but they are just as successful in other applications.  Now you can benefit from the new developments and refinement that has taken place, bringing new style and elegance.

Examples of the type of structure where Meroform systems tick the boxes include

  • entrance canopies
  • kiosks
  • partition walls
  • display areas
  • sun shade structures
  • signage gantries or towers
  • walkways
  • shop & sales units

The advantages of Meroform structures include

  • fully engineered solutions
  • incorporating cladding options
  • high quality finishes
  • customised geometry when necessary
  • quick turnaround times for supply & installation
  • easily modified
  • structural calculations included when necessary
  • recyclable components
  • installable in locations where access is awkward

Here are just a few of the vast range of fittings which can be incorporated in the structural solution.  Each component is designed to be compatible with the systems and avoid potential mis-matches.  This also means it usually unnecessary to add sub-framing onto the structures.


As the sign above: “Say what you want” and here is our offer…

If you think Meroform structures could be the solution to your construction issues we would love to hear from you.  When you send us details of what you want, we will provide a feasibility report for free and will follow that up with any further back-up you require.

We are SystemsXL, a subsidiary of Rydal Engineering Ltd, run by engineers involved every day in the construction industry.

Tel: 01528 67258

Email: info@systemsxl.com

Web: www.systemsxl.com

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