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Stunning new Stone-Infill Grill offers wet rooms a luxurious finish


In the last ten years wetrooms have seen rapid growth in the UK, with the open plan alternative having a major impact on the bathroom layout and design of hotel suites, luxury homes and the residential housing market.

CCL Wetrooms, the UK’s leading Wetroom Specialist has unveiled the latest development in the aesthetics of wetroom drainage – the new Stone-Infill Grill – a stunning way of creating a continuous stone floor, virtually unbroken by the line of a stainless steel drainage grill.

The Stone-Infill grill is suitable for use with natural stone and porcelain tiles, which are simply inserted into the empty Infill Grill, creating a beautiful finishing touch to any wetroom. Suitable for use with the popular Modular Wet-Floor System for timber floors and the Linear Screed Drain for solid floors, the Stone-Infill Grill adds a sleek and minimalistic feel to any wetroom.

Howard Ball, Sales & Marketing Director for CCL Wetrooms commented

‘We have introduced the new Stone-Infill Grill to complement the elegance of natural stone and porcelain tiles which are being installed in the majority of wetrooms today.’

Unsurprisingly, over 75% of our projects within the Hotel Industry and Luxury Housing Market are now specifying the Stone-Infill Grill for their clients.

With the popularity of natural stone and porcelain set to continue, we expect the Stone-Infill Grill to become a standard requirement in the majority of future commercial and residential developments.’

For full product specifications, CAD drawings and technical advice, visit the CCL Wetrooms website on www.ccl-wetrooms.co.uk or call 0844 327 6002.

CCL Wetrooms