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Hanson introduces new online brick specials selector


Hanson UK has developed a new online resource which provides architects with easy access to a comprehensive range of British Standard and non-standard special shaped bricks.

The brick selector tool, which can be found at www.ask-hanson.com/special-shaped-bricks makes it easy to research and share information about more than 300 different special shaped products.

The online catalogue contains illustrations and dimensions of all the products in the range. This includes an extensive choice of non-standard specials, including restoration and renovation specials, habitats for bats and swifts, air bricks, date bricks and personalised bricks.

Paul Lacey, head of sustainability and marketing at Hanson UK, said: “This new selector has been designed to give architects and building designers instant access to our full range of brick specials.

“It makes it easy to research the different options, request quotes and share information with clients and colleagues.”

The brick specials selector is the latest interactive tool available on the www.ask-hanson.com website, which provides information and advice on all aspects of structural design, construction practice, sustainability, legislation and product specification.