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In a world of spiralling costs and increased pressure on shrinking budgets the challenges facing urban planners, architects and local authorities, to find cost efficient landscaping solutions have never been so acute. Given these current realities a wildflower meadow is one of the most effective landscaping solutions available, being a high impact but lower cost option, whilst increasing biodiversity.

Creating resilient landscaping solutions we know is critical as we face into the reality of impact of climate change with increasingly hot summers and wetter winters. Whilst pictorial meadows are widely perceived to be one of the most visually striking due to the way the mix of flowers in the meadows has been designed and selected, they are also incredibly resilient. By combining native British wildflowers and species from overseas, Pictorial Meadows turf and seeds mixes are more adaptive to most soils and drought resistant.

The resilient nature of flower meadows lead to multiple benefits. One of these is the ability for them to be laid in areas of mixed soil quality be that nutrient starved, weed invested or in shady areas. The mix of flowers included can be tweaked to take account of the environment. The flexibility of the product is not just about being able to manage different soil types but also in the fact that the product can be sewn at any time, with the exception of when there is a ground frost. Additionally, flower meadows are recognised as one of the most drought tolerant horticultural solutions, if the extreme temperatures experienced in the UK last summer become more common place the ability of landscaping solutions to deal with those environments will need to be increasingly considered.

If you are looking for a quick and cost effective solution then our wildflower meadow products are certainly worth considering.   The product is a cost effective choice versus other options, as a result of the cost of the product itself,  the fact that only minimal preparation of the soil is required and that ongoing maintenance is light.  The results can be seen quickly to, when laid on prepared soils results can be seen in as little as 2-3 months.  As our mixes only contain 100% flower seed, our specially formulated recipes and pre-grown turfs, create densities of over 150 plants per metre, which will last years.

It’s when it comes to maintenance that a flower meadow really comes into its own. It’s a wild flower meadow so naturally anything that is designed to be “wild” does not depend on high levels of maintenance. The resilient nature of these products means minimal maintenance is required, there is little need for additional support whether that be irrigation, fertiliser or labour.

At Pictorial Meadows we believe that a wildflower meadow is one of the few landscaping solutions that can solve for the challenges faced by organisations and authorities today.  If you are looking for resilient, cost effective landscaping solutions please get in touch on 0114 267 7635.

Pictorial Meadows has over the last 20 years become known across the UK and beyond as ‘The Meadow Experts’. Since the very beginning, we have been at the forefront of researching and developing new approaches and products for naturalistic landscape management, focused on bring benefits both to our environment and the people who live in it.

Today, Pictorial Meadows is part of the not-for-profit Green Estate Community Interest Company. Which has allowed us to combine our wonderful designer meadow mixes with all the skills of an organisation that excels in horticulture and landscape management. The result is that we are uniquely able to offer a complete meadow service, from bespoke seed mixes and consultation through to installation and meadow care.

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