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SuperSpan seamless wallcovering from Forrest and Jones


SuperSpan seamless wallcovering from Forrest and Jones is a single complete piece of wallcovering printed up to 4.8 metres high by over 10 metres wide at a reasonable price.

The high resolution printing quality and large colour gamut make these graphics stand out, the surface is extremely scratch resistant which make it ideal for commercial use in offices, education establishments, bars and restaurants and well as healthcare for which we have a smoother substrate.

This substrate has a polyester base and is totally PVC free. It is waterproof and can be cleaned with a mild bleach, it has a high DIN fire rating and installation is particularly cost effective and straightforward with this product as there are no joins to match up therefore cutting the installation time down as much as two thirds, Forrest and Jones also installs SuperSpan. Please contact us for A4 samples.


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Hoxley and Porter Islington London. The whole restaurant bar was covered is just three seamless pieces of SuperSpan wallcovering.