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Schools in Surrey have installed disability aids designed and manufactured by Swallow EMP to ensure all students have access to the schools’ facilities. The powered stair climbers will allow students at the secondary schools to navigate stairs to reach classrooms and provide them with quick emergency evacuation ability and are an economical alternative compared to elevators and custom wheelchair lifts.

The Super Tracs supplied to one of the schools provide portable platform lifts to allow easy movement of powered wheelchair users while the other school installed two Stair Mates that attach to manual wheelchairs as a powered wheel chair lift and stair climber. Both products are portable and can be moved to various facilities easily ensuring the student can use the aids throughout their educational career.

Fiona Jackson, Moving and Handling Advisor for Surrey schools, Strategic Risk Management Team, commented, “I am part of a team that is dedicated to ensuring education is accessible for all students across Surrey, regardless of their physical abilities. The Swallow EMP products enable our students who are wheelchair users to safely navigate stairs and fully participate in all aspects of classroom based learning alongside their peers. Not only do they allow those individuals to retain a level of independence but they ensure easy and fast evacuation of all pupils should an emergency occur. We are extremely pleased with the performance of the products.”Swallowemp4 image1Supertrax and Stairmate

The Super Trac from Swallow EMP is a portable platform lift that allows the easy movement of powered and non-powered wheelchairs and some mobility scooters up and down stairs. There are two models available and the powerful dual motors can carry 200kg and 230kg respectively. The integrated tie down straps and seat belt keep the wheelchair firmly in place when manoeuvring. The students can safely use the Super Tracs with minimal assistance required, and the substantial battery life means constant charging isn’t necessary.

Similarly the Stair Mate is a portable piece of lifting equipment that allows larger passengers to traverse stairs with the guidance of a smaller attendant due to the powerful motors and one touch button operating system. Suitable for most manual wheelchairs, there are three models of the Stair Mate which can carry up to 160kg while eliminating manual handling and reducing the risk of back injury. The innovative design uses caterpillar tracks for maximum grip to be stable and self-supporting and a safety break system to ensure the users are secure and the movement process is risk free. Compact storage is made simple with detachable support handles for easy transport and a key switch restricts use to authorised persons only, ensuring the equipment is not subject to abuse through the exuberant school environment.Swallowemp4 image2 Supertrax & Stairmate

The disability aids offered by Swallow EMP are effective alternatives to conventional wheelchair lifts and elevators, and require much less space and minimal installation disruption. The Swallow EMP products such as the Super Trac and Stair Mate are much more cost effective to install and entail little maintenance costs while being portable allows them to be transported with the student to accommodate the mobility needs throughout their school career.

Further information is available from SwallowEMP on 0121 444 3690, by emailing info@swallowemp.com or by visiting the company’s website at www.swallowemp.com