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The SWA answers 9 of the most important questions surrounding steel windows

  •       1.Do steel windows rust?

Modern steel windows positively rustproofed by the hot dip galvanizing process and subsequently polyester powder coated, together with brass and stainless steel hardware, will provide as good if not better durability than is offered by competing materials.


  •  2.Do they come in a colour finish?

Steel framed glazing systems are available in a vast range of colours.

  •       3.What maintenance do steel windows need?

Providing frames and glass are washed at the prescribed intervals, steel framed glazing systems require little maintenance; please refer to SWA fact sheet 4.

  •       4.Do they meet British Standards for thermal efficiency?

They meet Part L of the Building Regulations for thermal performance.

  •       5.What are delivery times?

These can vary, but typically between 8-16 weeks, which should be confirmed by your preferred supplier.

  •       6.Are steel windows ‘green’?

Yes, the Building Research Establishments (BRE) “Green Guide” gave an above average “B” rating for steel windows.

  •       7.If I specify steel windows, who will install them?

Most member companies offer a complete service including installation. You can find a member in your area or to suit your requirements on the Members page of the SWA website.

  •       8.Is it possible to replace heavily corroded sections of steel on windows, many of which were installed in the 1930’s?

It is possible to replace corroded profiles, preferably done in a workshop rather than on site, and best followed up with a rustproofing process before re-installation.

  •       9.What sort of sealant / putty should be used for glazing in steel windows?

Never use linseed oil based compounds or mastics – used on timber which absorbs and is protected by the oil – for metal framed windows.  There are special metal casement putties and mastics formulated for the purpose.

For further information on the Steel Window Association, please visit  www.steel-window-association.co.uk or call 0844 249 1355.