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Synthetic Flashing from Cavity Trays Offers More Choice


Cavity Trays of Yeovil has an alternative to lead flashing and is offering it as a substitute, either ready-attached to its trays or in roll form for fabrication on site. The material does not have a scrap value, and is proving popular in many locations throughout the UK.

When evaluating synthetic flashings Cavity Trays was anxious to identify a medium that not only looked like lead, but dressed like it also. ‘We sought a material that had a thickness no less than that of code 4 lead, and could be handled and dressed in much the same way.

We dismissed many materials because their resilience and ability to behave in wet and windy conditions did not meet our expectations’ commented a Company spokesperson.

After many years investigation the Company now offers a synthetic flashing, and challenges comparison with alternatives.

When dressed, the material is ductile. Unlike lighter less malleable flashing materials, it does not spring or flap.

Several colours are available permitting the flashing to blend in with numerous wall and roof finishes. If a conventional lead flashing look is required, then the grey synthetic flashing provides it –but without the accompanying scrap value exposure.

The synthetic flashing has been granted a BBA certificate and extends the options available to the specifier of attached-flashing products and rolls offered by Cavity Trays of Yeovil.