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Tactray 90 Overview


Britmet Lightweight Roofing developed the unique Tactray 90 structural liner tray to help specifiers and designers promote warm roof construction – universally known as the most effective way of insulating any building. Tactray 90 can be utilised to reach any insulated u-value available, down to 0.1 u-value or better. Available in 4 thickness gauges (0.75mm / 1mm / 1.25mm / 1.5mm) and incredible spanning capabilities, Tactray 90 has the ability to carry an endless range of roof finishes; from traditional concrete slates and tiles, to lightweight roofing standing seam systems and green roofs.

As the Tactray 90 is a structural metal liner system, it replaces the need for timber rafters in steel framed buildings. Each tray is fixed directly to the steel purlins with Tek screws to form a secure, weatherproof overhead canopy at an early stage in the installation process. As a result, tradesmen can walk beneath the structure before any final roof coverings are introduced.

Due to the inherent structural strength, utilising the Tactray 90 on your project will mean the steel framed building will require fewer supports, allowing for larger purlin spacings and dramatically reducing the weight and cost of the overall structural steelwork. Furthermore, as the Tactray 90 is so easy to install, there is no need for expensive cranes to be onsite for long periods of time. Each pallet covers approximately 60-100sqm per load and can be loaded onto the roof.

For internal aesthetics, Tactray 90 comes in two standard colours, a plain galvanised finish or a white polyester, ideal for ceiling finishes. Special colours are available upon request. Moreover, Tactray 90 is also available in an acoustic option, allowing for acoustic insulation to be laid on the inside of the perforated tray. As a result, higher or lower levels of sound reduction and absorption can be achieved depending on the various grades of acoustic insulation boards that are specified.

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