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The attraction of magnetic glass from GX Glass


Gx Glass, is launching MagnX®, a new range of magnetic backpainted toughened glass and dry wipe memo boards. It allows documents to be ‘pinned’ to the glass surface using magnets which adhere to metal backed glass and the glass surface is ideal for writing on with dry erase marker pens.

MagnX is a bespoke Gx Glass product which is available as an embedded, double-sided or wall-mounted solution allowing flexibility for most types of applications and environments.

The product is available in three varieties – MagnX-CF, MagnX-E and MagnX-DS. MagnX-CF is a range of 13 standard sized panels which are wall mountable and can be hung – portrait or landscape – using wooden concealed fixings and produced in 38 standard colours using the Gx Glass’ water based and low VOC paint system ColourX®. MagnX-E is an embedded solution, suitable for cladding large areas with magnetic glass while MagnX-DS is a double sided version developed specifically for use as a dividing screen or panels, available with the same colour both sides or with different colours either side.

All three versions can be made bespoke, coloured and branded to your specification using Gx Glass’ in-house paint mixing system whilst MagnX-E and MagnX-DS are also customisable in size, shape and can be produced with cut-outs.

MagnX is easy to clean, hygienic and will not wear out unlike conventional dry wipe boards and at the end of the MagnX lifespan, the component parts can be fully recycled.

MagnX is ideal for commercial and residential environments including healthcare and office interiors, site offices and meeting rooms as well as a wide variety of applications such as notice boards, wall planners, desk dividers and menu boards.

For further information Gx Glass, please visit www.gxglass.com or call 01233 642 220. Follow us on Twitter @gxglass.