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Lighting & Electrical

AVA™ LED products are chosen by Virgin to ensure greener railway stations


Virgin Trains has invested in revolutionary LED lighting technology at Birmingham International Railway Station; this will significantly reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

In a bid to create more energy efficient railway stations, Virgin Trains has tasked Lorne Stewarts Facilities Services Division PLC to find innovative ways to reduce energy consumption at stations maintained by Virgin. In the latest phase of this project, Lorne Stewart PLC has used AVA™ branded LED lighting products to light up parts of Birmingham International Railway Station.

Lighting accounts for a significant amount of energy usage and AVA™ LED technology was specifically chosen by Lorne Stewart as a cost effective route in achieving 90 percent reductions in power consumption, when compared to outdated lighting technologies.

AVA™ branded T8 tube lights, lamps and panel lamps were chosen for this project, as well as the AVA™ intelligent lighting solutions, which includes microwave dimming technology in both tubes and panels for improved on site safety. This will also contribute to further savings and extended product life.

Other AVA™ products used during the Birmingham Station project include: the LED Downlight, which was developed and designed on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change in Whitehall.

Virgin Trains are looking to roll out this energy saving initiative to several other railway stations over the coming months, which now includes the recent refurbishment of Stafford station car park.

Over the course of their operational lifetime, AVA™ products will pay for their upfront investment cost via large energy and maintenance savings.

Craig Lewis, chief executive of Novah Ltd, which manufactures of AVA™ LED lights, commented:

“We’re delighted to be working alongside Virgin Trains and our long-term operational partner, Lorne Stewart in a bid to significantly reduce energy consumption across train stations nationally. At Novah we’re determined that our clients are receiving the very best LED products, to ensure they’re seeing real cost-saving results.”