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The early bird.


As a manufacturer of small building envelope components many of our products feature low on the priority list of the specifier.

Construction professionals face an ever increasing workload and having time to compare and accurately specify the performance criteria for fixings, and flat roof drainage for example is at a premium.

This can however add additional costs to a project should these products be incorrectly selected or left too late in the design process.

Consider if you will, how much time, expense and design expertise goes into the selection of a rain-screen system, and yet poor selection of the fasteners and other small components can cause a major system failure.

Many design professionals argue that this area is the responsibility of the envelope contractor, however experience tells us that combined design input and a holistic approach prevents costly errors on site.

Fixfast supply all bracketry and associated fixings from the substrate to the panel, offering a long term warranty on these key components.

The simplification of our fastener range and dedicated product guides for most of the major rain-screen and cladding manufacturers assists in fastener selection and material choice, and our delivery service and stock availability is second to none.

Our DF25 composite cladding fixing is unique in its ability to drill into most heavy section rails and purlins, making stocking and selection on site” child’s play”.

Our unique “Twist” form lead in tip makes installation easier for site operatives.

Our fastener material range is able to answer the challenge of the most aggressive environments including manufacturing plants, distilleries, and swimming pools, where only our HCR (High Corrosion Resistant) grade of austenitic stainless will provide long term protection over the effects of chlorine salts.


Money down the drain.

Flat roofing creates its own challenges in terms of how to attach both membrane and insulation and once again free technical advice is available from Fixfast.

Perhaps costlier is the provision of adequate roof drainage, which should be considered earlier, rather than later in the design programme. Thus ensuring optimum design efficiency and preventing costly errors later in the build programme.

Fixfast offer two new lunchtime CPD seminars offering technical advice on Flat roof drainage, and the attachment of flat roofs and rain-screen systems.

Fixfast are committed to providing technical back-up and

support. Whether it be a new build project at design stage,

or a refurbishment project with a new roof or façade, we can

produce technical calculations or attend your site to carry out

specific on-site tests.

– Pull out tests

– Wind load calculations

– Rainwater flow calculations

– Fastener requirements for tapered insulation schemes

– Application testing

– Training and Demonstrations.

For any of the above free services please contact our office/ Chris Duffy on 0845 450 7483 or email info@fixfast.com

And in design terms…….. Get in early !

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