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The Most Popular Magna Glass Ceramic Colours in the UK for 2019


Are you planning to install a Magna Glass Ceramic worktop (Magna Glaskeramik in German), Howden’s splashback, or any other worktop in your home or workspace this year? If so, you’re not alone; since it is becoming a popular option as an alternative to Onyx, Gemstone and similar high-end decoration products in the UK for a reason.

Made by using 100% recycled glass and bottles which are classified and crushed with dedicated industrial machinery, Magna Glass Ceramic is a great choice for spaces that need to be functional – in addition, your project may also require  to have a unique surface to keep looking great for years to come. From counters to worktops and splashbacks to match, there is no limit to what can be done with Magna Glass Ceramic, and its composition makes it easy to care for and keep germ-free and clean between uses.

Where to Use Magna Glass Ceramic?

More than just kitchen glass splashbacks, there are almost limitless possibilities when it comes to where you can utilize Magna Glass Ceramic in your home or workplace. Whether you work in the food industry, hospitality sector, or you are just looking to beautify your own home, there are so many ways to put Magna Glass Ceramic to work.

One of the best features of Magna Glass Ceramic is its time-tested strength. The high percentage of various components used in its composition means that Magna Glass Ceramic will stand up to just about anything that life throws at it. This makes it better for worktop splashback than laminate – better for kitchen splashbacks than laminate, and all at prices that are similar to high end stones such as marble, quartzite of good-quality quartz.

While basic Magna Glass Ceramic is strong and resilient enough not to be used in the kitchen, its composition also lends itself well to beautiful, decorative applications. Since it might hold pigments and other pieces together, mirrored bits, shells, and other accents can be added to further intensify the attractive appearance that this material is known for. Whether in a bathroom, kitchen, or spread across a worktop table, Magna Glass Ceramic is an option that can be crafted to meet any design need – and brings the beauty as well as the brawn!

Choosing Your Colour

Choosing a surface colour to use for your kitchen worktops and glass splashbacks is one of the most enjoyable parts of electing to use Magna Glass Ceramic. With a wide variety of colour options – all of them are brilliant in finish with no additional polishing necessary – you really can’t go wrong no matter what you choose!

If you choose to go with official Magna glass ceramic – one of the most popular choices for multiple applications in the UK and beyond – you’ll find the following range of options. Each of these boasts its own character and charm and will bring something special to whatever project you apply it to.

Magna Glaskeramik Polar White

Offering a smooth, opaque white finish, Magna Glaskeramik Polar White is crafted from waste glass pieces from protective ultra-white glass that is used in PV production. This gives the finished Magna Glaskeramik its milky look, making it a beautiful option for spaces where the neutral look of a white glass splashback is desired. Together with Ice Nugget, Polar White is an incredibly versatile material since it can be backlit with any colour!

Magna Glaskeramik Ice Nugget

A little busier, and suitable for those who still want a colour in the white range, Magna Glaskeramik Ice Nugget offers visual intrigue with unique patterns on every stretch of Magna Glaskeramik. Made from recycled low-iron waste glass in thicknesses of 6-8 mm, the finished result is the ghostly white, “ice cube” appearance of this unique design. Just like its counterpart Polar White, Ice Nugget allows architects, interior designers and design aficionados to complete their spaces in any colour due to its backlit capabilities.

Magna Glaskeramik Light Grey

Like Ice Nugget but incorporating a darker, richer, and more earthy tone, Magna Glaskeramik Light Grey is available upon request to those who are interested in a unique look for their space. This product is created using discarded or waste glass from the production of metallic-laminated solar shading glazing. This gives the finished Magna Glaskeramik its unique blend of white and earthy grey tones that make it a perfect choice for many homes and businesses.

Magna Glaskeramik Jade

Mimicking the look of the gemstone, Magna Glaskeramik Jade is a lovely hue created using recycled floating glass. The iron content of this glass offers the finished product its attractive, light green colour and finely marbled design.

Magna Glaskeramik Ocean Blue

This soft, blue shade is the newest offering from Magna. Magna Glaskeramik Ocean Blue is created from mineral water bottles, giving it the soft, grey-blue shade that gives consumers the choice of a touch of colour without going too bold.

Magna Glaskeramik Blue Sky

Created from the light blue bottles that typically house mineral water in European countries – as well as additional, rich blue pigments -Blue Sky is a striking colour choice for any space. This brilliant Magna Glaskeramik Blue Sky offers much more colour payoff than Ocean Blue, giving those who want to really accent an area the oomph they need to do so.

Magna Glaskeramik Green

For a richer, more brilliant green than the Jade shade, look to traditional Green. Crafted from recycled green glass, the Magna Glaskeramik Green shines like dewy grass – and is sure to catch the attention of anyone who passes by a finished surface.

Magna Glaskeramik Champagne Brown

One of the most striking shades in the range, Magna Glaskeramik Champagne Brown is created from the scraps of brown glass – usually from German beer bottles. The resulting ceramic has a gorgeous, mottled pattern that is sure to be the focus of any space where it is placed.

Magna Glaskeramik Black

Classic black is never understated when you choose the Black shade of this Magna Glaskeramik Black. Made from the defective grey float glass, there is nothing defective about the lovely look of this finished product.

It should be noted that since all Magna glass ceramic surface coverings are made from recycled glass and other materials, each application will be uniquely beautiful. Likewise, their recycled origins mean that they can be recycled again in the future, making them one of the most sustainable synthetic products in the industry. For more information on the many benefits of Magna glass ceramic – and the rainbow of colours available for your next project – contact your local retailer today!

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