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The World’s Most Advanced Direct Electric Water Cylinder


Dimplex has launched the Quantum water cylinder, an intuitive, unvented direct cylinder which offers reliable and efficient water heating with an unprecedented level of control for electrically heated homes.

Working directly from the mains supply of water, the smart energy Quantum cylinder can ensure hot water at mains pressure to all outlets in the home, which means fast-filling baths, powerful showers and constant water pressure – even when the washing machine is in use.

Sophisticated yet simple controls can help homeowners to plan their water usage accordingly, telling home owners at a glance how much hot water is available to use and their consumption history. With the latest in electric heating technology and the best heat retention capability on the market, it also ensures that the correct amount of water is stored to accommodate the needs of the household, using the minimum amount of energy.

Available in a choice of five capacities from 125 litres to 300 litres, the Quantum cylinder can be used alongside Dimplex’s innovative Quantum heating system for a complete heating and hot water system, or as a standalone Smart Grid ready hot water system.
Chris Stammers, marketing director at Dimplex, said: “This is a truly unique product which can provide more than 2.3million electrically heated homes in the UK with a reliable, efficient and economical solution for hot water storage and delivery.

“It offers huge potential for heating engineers, particularly those working in the social housing sector and with new build flats, apartments and smaller homes where increasingly stringent Building Regulations demand more efficient systems. As new homes become better insulated, the ‘value’ of hot water heating over space heating will increase. And the Dimplex Quantum Cylinder, together with the Quantum heating system, is well placed to help installers and home owners take advantage.”


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